Cllr Jonathan Chilvers for Green Deputy Leader

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A Clear Green voice – getting the message out

I’m proud of our unique Green philosophy that makes us stand apart from all the other parties. To win elections we need to be brilliant at making those principles relevant on the doorstep and clear in the media. As a twice-elected councillor I have the skills and experience to help get our message out as deputy leader.

Jonathan is

The deputy leader

  • Supports local parties to win elections
  • Represents the party in mainstream and social media
  • Makes a contribution to the governance of the party

Jonathan’s priorities

1. Be proud of who we are

The Green party has distinctive values and a unique political philosophy that we can be proud of. We are not Labour with an bit of added green. Our four pillars of environmental wisdom, social justice, grassroots democracy and non-violence are powerful building blocks for a comprehensive radical and evidenced based vision for our society and planet. I will:

  • Speak and hear about our core values up and down the country to local parties and beyond so we have a clear sense of who we are and where we are going.
  • Show how less discussed pillars like non-violence have a direct impact on how the Green Party does politics, builds bridges and gets things done from door-door up to international level.
  • Work for manifestos that are Radical, Relevant and Realistic based on the four pillars.

2. Get the message out

Our ideas are too good to keep to ourselves! We have to get better at putting our green principles into practice using language and actions that more people understand and connect with. I will:

  • Promote practical Green campaigns where people on the doorstep can see how change affects their lives
  • Use straightforward language in the media that makes sense to a wide range of people, not just a narrow section on the politically engaged ‘left’
  • Use my experience as a Councillor on the ground to support local parties to connect our Green principles with talking to residents through the year.
  • Push for more training and tools for local party on messaging and communication that sums up our Green vision.

3. Build local parties, win elections

There’s nothing like winning an election and gaining a Councillor to build up a local party and get our voice heard, but we know that it takes years of hard work and worn out shoes to win seats. I will:

  • Strongly advocate for further professionalisation of the party – building on campaign school, election literature templates and target to win
  • Push GPEx to structure and resource the party in a way which supports and releases those working hard on the ground.
  • Come to Big Days Out and action days across the country to work hard, listen to your priotities, canvas and show local members that it can be done!

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